Which Countertop Material?


Granite is a traditional favourite amongst all countertop materials due to its unique colours and patterns. Granite is of course a natural stone which is strong, durable and easy to maintain.

For a feeling of permanence, a look of beauty and lasting value there is no other material to compare to polished granite.


Comprised of approx 93% natural quartz, Quartz surfaces and countertops offer the ultimate combination of form and function. With its stain, scratch and heat resistant properties, Quartz is an ideal choice for care-free countertops.

At Morgan Murray Stoneworks we offer a diverse range of quartz brands which include Silestone, Caesar Stone and Sinquastone ranges


This is a gorgeous stone prized for its elegant beauty. It is however a softer, more porous stone that is susceptible to stains and scratches on a polished surface, therefore is not quite durable enough for your kitchen worktop

As such marble is more suited to vanity tops, showers, table tops etc, which are not heavily used.